Natural Edge Furniture

natural wood slabs, steel bases, modern organic designs

We are closed for Winter Break and will return to the shop in March 2019

Yes, we are playing outside and it most likely involves blue water and white beaches!

We make custom natural edge furniture from salvaged, reclaimed, and recycled hardwood materials. With our personal collection of local hand selected and air-dried wood slabs, we will find the perfect piece for your project. Every project is personal - from the tree, to our craftsman, to you. Visit our showroom in Bend, Oregon, order online, or contact us for a custom project. We ship nationwide.

Base Designs


In addition to wood, we do all of our own metal work at the shop.  This means we can build just about any base you desire.  Below are some of the more popular base designs.  At the bottom of the page are some photos of more unique bases we have built in the past.  You may also want to look at our gallery page to see other designs we have made.  Bases from salvaged metal and wood are favorites of ours.  

For ideas of finishes for bases check out our metal finishes page.