Natural Edge Furniture

natural wood slabs, steel bases, modern organic designs

We have closed our doors in order to open other doors.

We hope you follow your dreams, because sometimes they come true.

Thank you for the love and support.

We make custom natural edge furniture from salvaged, reclaimed, and recycled hardwood materials. With our personal collection of local hand selected and air-dried wood slabs, we will find the perfect piece for your project. Every project is personal - from the tree, to our craftsman, to you. Visit our showroom in Bend, Oregon, order online, or contact us for a custom project. We ship nationwide.

May Spotlight Piece

We are always looking to try new things.  The complications and failures give us a good reason to swear.  This month's piece, which we have nicknamed The River Table, is one such piece. 

Figuring out how to inlay a 1/2" piece of organically shaped glass so that it and the wood slabs meet smoothly took a bit of time.  There might have been some saucy language used at times, but we feel it was worth it.

The glass is inlayed between two book matched slabs of heavily figured maple.  We also threw in a few butterflies to stabilize the ends.

The result is pretty stunning.  We don't think it will be in the showroom for long.  

We also recently finished a similar, but larger custom piece for a customer.  There was less swearing with that one so we must be getting better at this glass thing.