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We make custom natural edge furniture from salvaged, reclaimed, and recycled hardwood materials. With our personal collection of local hand selected and air-dried wood slabs, we will find the perfect piece for your project. Every project is personal - from the tree, to our craftsman, to you. Visit our showroom in Bend, Oregon, order online, or contact us for a custom project. We ship nationwide.

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February Spotlight Piece

You won't find many wood bases in our showroom.  When we make them, they are designed to go with a specific top and, more often than not, are for custom pieces.  

We recently completed a coffee, console and end table set for a local client who wanted wood bases.  All of the pieces would be in the same great room and so they wanted them to match.

We were able to tie the pieces together by using slabs from the same tree for the tops.  For the bases we again matched all of them with wood from the same tree.

We also worked with a local blacksmith, Orion Forge, to create the steel arcs and end table base, repeating the same texture in all of the steel.  

This project was a real team effort between Natural Edge, Orion Forge and our clients, who were involved every step of the way.

January's Spotlight Piece

Black Walnut Conference Table with Bulldozer Track Base

A conference table built for a machinery company needs to have some heft to it.  Track chain paired with black walnut did the job perfectly.  

We started with a book matched pair of black walnut slabs about 10 feet long and 4 sections of track chain.  

track legs.JPG

Jason, our metal man, faced a bit of a task to cut the track to the right size but the end result was worth it.

Base Construction.jpg

We positioned the legs close to the corners of the top so there would be more space for people seated at the ends of the table and as many people as possible could sit at the sides.  The tracks are 9" wide and so would eat up a lot of the available seating space if placed further from the ends.

Sometimes a base like this can overpower the top, but in this case they have found a good balance.  

December's Spotlight Piece

Industrial Modern Black Walnut Foyer Table


We had some fun with black walnut burl, glass and salvaged metal.  

The burl was salvaged up in Kalama Washington by a friend of the shop.  In the detail photos you can see that it has metal in it.  This is from power lines that the tree grew around.   It's a little bit of the tree's history that we love to leave in. 

The base is something we pulled out of the salvage yard.  It is a section of a flail used to debark logs.  It originally had chains that came through the holes.  It is solid steel and very heavy.  So far the base has only been sand blasted, but we are thinking to polish it.

We cut the glass to perfectly fit the shape.  It is 1/2" thick and follows the curve and form of this extraordinary piece of wood.

The piece is 22" x 42" x 30.5" tall.  It is currently for sale online or in our shop.